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    Income in an Unpredictable Market

    (Income vs. Growth)

    We find that asset management works best when there is a clear focus. Stock markets tend to be unpredictable and may not be the most suitable choice for providing consistent, guaranteed income that will support you throughout your lifespan.

    If you’re concerned about market performance, it may be time to try a new approach to your financial strategy. One that could generate the income you need, no matter what the market is doing.

    Our team of professionals will sit down with you to discuss your income needs and put together a financial strategy for your retirement.

    Preserving Capital in Market Volatility

    The end goal of many investors is long-term percentage yield. But, as experienced investors know, the road of investing is rarely smooth all of the time and often includes twists, bumps and detours. Our team at Heritage Financial Advisory actively manages our clients’ assets. When we sense a sharp turn approaching, we will take appropriate action to move to a smoother course or move to cash until the road straightens out. If we feel the twists and turns are temporary, we’ll communicate with our investors to prepare them for the road ahead. While we can’t promise a constant joy ride, we do our best to keep a constant stream of income throughout your journey.

    Putting all of your eggs in one basket is rarely a wise choice. At Heritage Financial Advisory, we believe that diversification across non-correlated asset classes can increase yields and reduce exposure to significant losses. We’ll work with you to diversify your portfolio to help ensure you have income coming from various places.

    Risk Management
    If generating income is your primary goal, you may find your perspective about investing start to change as you near retirement. Because your investments are providing consistent income, short-term price volatility is less of a concern. When you work with Heritage Financial Advisory, the income generated by your portfolio can be used to cover your expenses without disrupting the underlying investment portfolio or it can be reinvested to increase your portfolio value.

    If markets start to fall, we look for emotional overreactions from investors who sell based on fear and begin shopping for these quality securities, which are highly undervalued for temporary reasons.

    When the price of an income-paying security falls, the income level percentage (the yield) increases. Purchasing at this lower level “locks-in” the higher yield and opens the possibility of increased portfolio yield and capital appreciation.*

    Portfolio yield provides a foundation of income that can be added to any risk-adjusted gains if and when such gains are periodically available.

    *Dividends payouts can rise, fall or be suspended. They are regularly subject to the review of their continuation by the Board of Directors of the issuing company.

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